5 Perfect Patio Heaters During Winter

Usually, the winter season is the time to stay away from the outdoors and hibernate for a little while. However, if you have an outdoor patio or pergola, this could not be the case!

There are a lot of patio heating options available in the market today. Here are the five cost-effective and most preferred heat sources to keep you and your guests warm during the winter season.

Electric Patio Heaters

Electric patio heaters add style to your outdoor patio. On average, electric patio heaters are more expensive than portable gas heaters. But, the modern and sleek design they offer makes them an excellent option.

Fire Pits

If you prefer the warmth of an open fire, then fire pits may suit your needs. The warm and cozy atmosphere that a fire pit and chiminea is able to create has made it popular to many Australian homeowners. The location of your fire pit should allow the smoke to move outwards or away because smoke can build up under your patio.

If your patio can’t accommodate a permanent fire pit, you can opt for a portable fire pit.

Outdoor Gas Heaters

A cost-effective and practical way to keep warm under your patio is by using an outdoor gas heater. They are portable and can be moved around in your outdoor space and patio. It comes in a variety of designs and heights to fit your needs and budget.

Before buying an outdoor gas heater, you should consider the size and height of your patio. And of course, the larger the gas heater is the better coverage it provides. You should also consider the design of your patio.

For instance, you might have a hard time moving a full-height outdoor gas heater with a flat patio. Therefore, a smaller unit fits perfectly a flat patio.

Pizza Ovens and Braais

If you have an alfresco kitchen, you might want to consider adding pizza ovens and braais. This does not only provide warmth on your patio, but it can also cook you a meal. It comes in many styles, sizes, and designs.

Both pizza ovens and braais release a huge amount of heat. If you’re placing these under your patio, a flue is vital to keep the smoke away from your guests and the underside.

Patio Blinds

Patio blinds keep your patio area warm. Blinds are the most versatile option that will suit any season. If you’re feeling too warm, you can open up the blinds and allow heat to dissipate. For the winter season, cold air is kept at bay.

Another heat source may not be required if you already have patio blinds, but combining it with heating options will make your patio area more comfortable all year round.

However, patio blinds are the most expensive heating option. But with minimal maintenance and no power consumption, it makes it a good investment in the long run.


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